One of the most well-known sports which the club is successfully participating in is Water polo. It is a sport that is constantly evolving with successful participation on both local and national level. Water polo is a team “contact” sport with the main features of strength, speed and endurance. The ability to handle the ball while swimming is extremely important. Each team consists of 7 players, one of which is a goalkeeper and 6 substitute players. The ball is progressed by passes or swimming of the players and the aim of the game for the teams is to score goals at the opponent's goal or to avoid the goal at their own goal. The Water polo department operates at the Olympic Larnaca Swimming Pool from 18:00 to 21:00 throughout the year and is eligible for athletes aged 7 years and older.

For more information call at:
96377797 - Giota Perikleous (Assistant Secretary)
99651704 - Chrystalla Nicolaidou (Waterpolo - Director)


Swimming is one of the best athletic activities and offers balanced muscular development and fitness. It nurtures all muscle groups at the same time, it does good to the heart as well as increases endurance. It is a sport that combines gymnastics and entertainment, that is, it requires a child.

For more information call at:
96377797 - Giota Perikleous (Assistant Secretary)
99430098 - Minas Hadjiconstanti (Swimming - Director)


Canoe - Kayak is one of the finest and most exciting sports in the water. The Canoe - Kayak sport is a race of speed, strength and endurance that is very exciting in which athletes compete in natural (sea - lake) waters of calm waters. Specially designed with 9-pass corridors. Kayak is different from the Canoe sport. In Kayak, the athlete is seated and paddles with a paddle that has blades on both ends. Kayak also has a rudder handled by the athlete with his foot to turn the boat. In Canoe the athlete is kneeling on one knee in the middle of the boat and paddling with a single bladed paddle. There is no rudder in the Canoe. The course of the vessel is moved only with the paddle. The aim for both competitions is for athletes to reach a certain distance without obstacles in the shortest time.

The training is done daily in the fully equipped area of the Larnaca Nautical Club. In the afternoon, trainings are in the afternoon (14.00 to 18.00 pm) and the summer months in the morning and afternoon as well as Saturday and Sunday mornings.

For more information call at:
99484671 - Zenios Nikolaou (Canoe Kayak - Director)
99599697 - Pantelis Panteli (Canoe Kayak - Assistant Director)


Sailing is a special sport. The first touch of the sea wind will give the athlete a sense of independence. Children have the opportunity to think on their own, look for ways to solve problems, develop skills such as critical thinking and correct decision making. They will experience situations that they will never forget and will shape a sense of responsibility, seriousness and correct perception of the data that they will encounter many times in their future lives. Children can start from 7-8 years. The program depends on the weather and the season. (Summer and winter).

For more information call at:
99695007 - Demetris Yiasemides (Sailing - Director)


The Larnaca Nautical Club, alongside other sports, also supports the Triathlon sport. Our athletes take part in Triathlon races many times.The difficulty of swimming capability prevents many athletes from participating in Triathlon. Once learning from the beginning the correct technique things are done very easily to improve performance and times. As Larnaca Nautical Club we are here to fill this gap, and to contribute to the popularity of the Triathlon sport.

For more information call at:
99640205 - Katerina Keliri (Triathlon - Director)